Membership Criteria for Association for Engineering Professionals (AEP)

Membership to the Association for Engineering Professionals (AEP) is open to Engineering Professionals who are dedicated to the advancement of the engineering field and have met the following criteria:

Engineering Professionals

Membership is exclusively available to individuals who hold a degree in any engineering discipline from a recognized university. We welcome engineers from all domains, including civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science, and more.


Minimum 20 years

Membership Options

Annual Membership

Engineers can opt for an Annual Membership, which requires payment of a nominal fee of Rs.1000 per year. This membership option provides access to all benefits and services offered by AEP for the duration of one year.

Lifetime Membership

For those seeking long-term engagement and continuous access to AEP's offerings, we offer a Lifetime Membership. The Lifetime Membership fee is Rs.5000, providing members with unlimited access to our resources, programs, and events throughout their professional careers.

Honorary Membership

AEP reserves the prestigious Honorary Membership for exceptional engineers who have made significant contributions to society and the engineering profession. This membership is awarded based on the recommendation and approval of the executive committee. Honorary members enjoy special recognition and privileges within the organization.

By becoming a member of AEP, you will gain access to a wide range of benefits, including:

Join AEP today to connect with a community of engineering professionals, enhance your skills, and contribute to the advancement of the engineering profession. Together, we can drive innovation, foster collaboration, and make a positive impact on society through engineering excellence.

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