One Day Workshop On Energy Efficiency

Energy is a very significant factor for life and all living organisms. Energy is sustainable if it “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Energy conservation can be broadly defined as the efficient use of energy. The reduction or elimination of unnecessary or unwanted energy use is referred to as energy conservation.

Considering this scenario, Association for Engineering Professionals, in association with Energy Management Centre Kerala conducted a one-day workshop on “Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation” on 15th January 2023. The programme was mainly aimed at promoting the culture of energy conservation and improving energy efficiency. Many professionals, engineers, managers, research assistants, instructors and technicians took part in this programme. The event was conducted at the Kerala Science & Technology Museum Seminar Hall in Trivandrum. The workshop began with the lighting of the lamp ceremony by Dr. B.G. Sreedevi, Chairperson, Association for Engineering Professionals.

There is a need for the budding engineers to understand the need for implementing new methodologies to effectively practice energy efficiency and energy conservation. Otherwise, in future, the energy deficit will cause major problems in all aspects of life which will not satisfy the concept of sustainable energy and sustainable development. To make the young generation aware of the above fact, the seminar included technical talk sessions taken by eminent personalitities.

Technical talks were as follows :

1 ) Er. Manu Mohan Thiruvambadi (Building Energy Efficiency Expert (BEEE), Architecture & Sustainability Consultant) discussed about the fundamentals of Energy Conservation Building Code.

2 ) Dr. B. Anil (Retd Principal, Govt. Engineering College Barton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram) provided the participants with the best tools and resources for cleaner energy efficient technologies

3 ) Er. Narayanan A. M (Senior Energy Expert and Practitioner in Energy Projects & Policies), took class on energy efficiency – sector wise overview for participants.

4 ) Dr B G Sreedevi (Chairperson, Association for Engineering Professionals and Former Director NATPAC)

By understanding India’s position in energy consumption and production among the countries of the world, we need to look into this matter of conserving energy in a serious manner. Effective policies and methods should be found out and made into practice in order to ensure safe and secured resources of energy which paves the way towards a future without depleting our resources.


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